About Us – Our Story

About Us

Our Story

Thrive CSR was born from a meeting of minds between our founders, Neil and Benjamin; a combination of Neil’s significant experience in areas of sustainability and the third sector, and Benjamin’s background helping large corporates see exciting benefits from using software to solve age-old problems.

Recognising that software could significantly reduce manual and spreadsheet-based admin and better capture the essence of community impact ‘out there’ in the community, the business’ focus is on creating user-friendly, flexible software to meet the needs of employee and community focussed corporates.

The result is an exciting collaboration between our own passionate team, our highly engaged clients across 25 countries and partnerships with ‘thought leaders’ in the CSR sector, which breeds continual innovation and evolution of our products.

About Thrive

About Us – Our Way of Working With You

Our Way of Working With You

Our outlook is simple:

We constantly innovate our software features around the specific needs of the forward-thinking Corporate Responsibility managers – the result is elegant software which is user-friendly for ‘non-techy’ people with no unneeded complexities

We work in close collaboration with all of our customers before, during and after deployment to ensure we not only provide the correct technology configurations fit your CSR programs like a glove but assist with the boring stuff like dealing with IT, legal and procurement!

About Us – Who Are Our Customers?

Who Are Our Customers?

Typically, Corporate Responsibility Managers who are one or more of the following….

  • Burdened by admin and can’t get time to do their ‘proper job’
  • Need to have better visibility on their community activities across their organisation
  • Are under pressure to start demonstrating impact/return on investment from their community initiatives
  • Are stretched for resources



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