FREE Covid-19 Employee Volunteering Logging System

With Covid-19 we have seen a big change in how employee volunteering is occurring, there is now a need for remote and community response volunteering BUT large businesses are struggling to manage and track it.

Thrive CSR has a fully featured corporate volunteering management platform (as seen here) but we felt strongly that we should also help other businesses during this crisis.

Therefore we are providing free access, during this crisis, to the volunteer logging part of our system, for any business with more than 500 staff. This secure online system allows your staff to log the amazing work they are doing and you to centrally analyse and report your impact.

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Donations and Grants


Let staff log their volunteering


Gather staff feedback on impact

Real time reporting – share your story



Your Staff Log Their Own Volunteering

We create your own-branded volunteering logging/capture form for your staff to use.

Employees can quickly log what they did, how many people they supported, how many hours they did and any other critical information you want to collect.

The system automatically recognizes volunteers who have logged activity before making the process seamless and efficient.

Volunteers can see their previously logged activities, providing them a continuous record of work to be proud of!


Have staff share stories & photos direct from their computer or phone

Collect more than just stats, including the ability for your staff to share feedback and photos describing the impact of their amazing work, right from their computer or phone.

This provides an amazing way to spread the good work being done in your organisation.

Grants Feedback



Real time reporting

Graphical reports are available to you, as an administrator, allowing you see the volume of work being done and the difference it is making.

You can even drill down into specific actions or activities your staff are taking.


Get started logging!

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