Dunbia Group Case Study
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Dunbia Group Case Study

Dunbia Group has adopted Thrive CSR to manage its community donations & sponsorships


Corporate Responsibility at Dunbia Group

Dunbia is one of Europe’s leading food companies supplying quality meat products in local, national and international markets. Operating across 11 sites located in UK and Ireland Dunbia employs up to 4000 people. It’s continued success is attributable to building strong relationships with customers, suppliers and its communities, and corporate responsibility is, therefore, a core aspect of its business model _ View CR Report – http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/4a7c9aa8#/4a7c9aa8/34.


Community Support Issues

Dunbia generously provides financial support, sponsorships and products to charities and community groups in line with its core values.  However, the Corporate Responsibility team encountered 2 significant concerns with this aspect of its business:

  • A lack of clear central governance on what was being supported, sponsored and donated, resulting in a lack of standardisation
  • An excessive admin burden resulting from manually managing all applications for support and from the difficulties in acquiring data for management reports and its annual CR Report


Striving for Improvement

Thrive CSR worked with Dunbia’s Corporate Responsibility representative to develop a standardised application form which could be used for all charity and sponsorship requests across the entire company.  The application form was placed on the company website, becoming a single entry point for all applications.

The CR representative was then provided a customised dashboard through which all applications could be viewed and managed.  Auto-notifications were set up so that applications could be accepted and declined in a couple of clicks and all correspondence with applicants was stored within the system.

Finally, Thrive CSR built standardised reports for Dunbia, allowing to effortlessly report to the board and external stakeholders on their donations and sponsorship activity.


Streamlined, Transparent and Effortless

Having adopted the Thrive CSR system, Dunbia’s CR team have:

  • Full oversight of all donation and sponsorship activity across the entire company through a single user-friendly system
  • Slashed admin time by 80%, allowing the team to do higher value work
  • Addressed all governance issues and have effortless reporting on their community activity


Karen Birnie, Marketing & Communications Manager for Dunbia said:

“The new Thrive CR application has been invaluable in terms of saving time on admin, keeping track of the support we provide whether it is financial, sponsorship or product and having the ability to report factually. With the initial request and feedback now being online and automated, admin time has been cut by at least 80%.
With 11 sites it was challenging to record our corporate giving in a central and structured way and the new application by Thrive meets this need. The dashboard reporting function is an excellent way of providing a quick snapshot of our corporate giving at any given time and means we can more accurately align our strategy in line with Dunbia’s core values.”