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There is so much to love about our employee volunteering management system, designed to make your life a lot easier!

Whether your priority is boosting participation, streamlining the management of an existing program, or uncovering your community impact, our Volunteering Module brings maturity, dynamism and efficiency to your Employee Volunteering program.

Read on to see how.



Promote Opportunities

Management Dashboard

Uncover Impact

Easy Reporting


Volunteering – Promote Volunteering Opportunities


Promote Volunteering Opportunities

Thrive CSR software gives you your own-branded volunteering portal bespoke to your company.

Remove the admin hassle for employees by letting them quickly search opportunities and sign-up immediately.

Advanced features such as Single Sign-On or Line Manager Approval mean you can keep total control.

‘Back Office’ features such as calendar reminders and waiting lists mean nothing falls through the cracks.

Volunteering – Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard

Quickly set up new volunteering opportunities

Receive volunteering suggestions and requests from staff or charities

Central oversight of all volunteering activity across your organisation

Local management of volunteering in specific locations if required

Accurate tracking of participation, including drop outs and no-shows

Automatic notifications to participants if details change


Volunteering – Uncover Your Impact

Uncover Your Impact

Uncover Your Impact

The Thrive CSR system will help you do something with your volunteering data.

You will be able to automatically follow up with volunteers and/or charities to find out how the event went.

Bring your program alive by collecting stories and photos as well as statistics. This will give you 100s of pieces of content at your fingertips, ready for you to share through your comms channels

Volunteering – Reporting


Get the stats that are more important to you with our configurable reporting. No more trawling through info you don’t need.

See real-time insights and share it with your team with easily exportable data

Calculate the social value of your activities using a variety of frameworks



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